Joanne Motee | About us
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“A life dedicated to inspired living”


Growing up I was always surrounded by inspiration, color and fabric. The family home was always freshly decorated by my father, an upholsterer and my mother a seamstress.  I would literally wake up on Sunday morning and the house would have an entirely new look.


Having planted the seed in each and every one of their six children, it is no surprise that all of us followed a path of design in some way shape or form. Design is in everything I do and it has become our family mantra to create and inspire each other, a lifestyle we are very passionate about.


Discovering what moves and inspires my client’s diverse homes and projects, allows me to create & collaborate on spaces that truly bring out their personality, and a feeling of inspired living.  I consider it a privilege to have worked with so many wonderful clients over the past 17 years and to be part of such a beautiful process.


A client once said to me “I love it when the wisteria is flowering”.  That feeling she has in that moment of; happiness, soul, comfort and beauty is how I wanted her to feel everyday when she walks through her doors.  So no matter how big or small the project, the touch I introduce will always have that passionate outcome.


I love and live for different projects, every day brings new inspiration to my life and I am excited to share my ideas and passion with everyone who comes my way.


Creative Director

Joanne Motee